Empty mind is devil’s Workshop!

Want to stay out of negative thoughts? Are you stressed out due to this lock down and heavy work load? Are you tired of doing same routine daily? If yes then this blog post is best for you! Few people have lot of ideas for their me-time but they don’t find time, whereas few have time but they are clueless what to do!I have come up with a set of idea from my own experience to keep ourselves away from depression.

The common problem that everyone face is lack of time for their relaxation in their everyday routine. But if you give a think about your daily schedule smartly, I can say you will definitely find some time for yourself! Don’t you think even Albert Einstein had 24 hours!A bit of discipline mechanism will become the best time saving machine for you. So here we go…..

-》Sleeping is important, but overstepping is not! 6 to 7 hours sleep is enough for a healthy mind.Now, you can decide your slumbertime as per your comfort.

-》Generally mommies finish their household work when kids are slept, but I would rather suggest to do it presence of your kid so that he/she will learn from the same and you could concentrate more on your me-time when he is asleep. I know, babies will trouble you during your work, but engage them by giving them something to play like unbreakable utensils, vegetables, unbreakable container for playing.

-》In evening, play with your kids some physical games like catch me if you can, hide and seek, games using balls, dance in some good songs etc so that, the baby will be tired and sleep early at night.Then here we go dear mommas. This is the time you can concentrate more on yourself or can spend us time with your better half.

Now, if you have time and don’t know what to do, then ladies, let me tell you, there are lot of things to do to keep yourself occupied.

-》Don’t feel like cooking, since it’s too boring day by day! How about experimenting new food everyday!If not everyday, then may be thrice to four time a week.

-》Started skipping food only because you don’t feel like having it? How about arranging a movie style lunch in a Decorative table, How about breakfast at your balcony with your partner, of course. How about a candle light dinner?

-》Getting tired and frustrated out of daily household work! How about playing some soft music in background, while finishing household work?

-》Confused what to do in Saturday afternoon! What about movie at home with pop corn and soft drinks?

-》A wardrobe is woman’s whole world. How above arranging the stuff in a different manner.

-》Healthy momma means Healthy family! How about 30 minutes zumba or 45 minutes jogging ?

-》Why should dad have all the fun! How about a glass of port wine and good series or movie?

Socializing is very important in current decade. How about 30 minutes zoom call or what’s app call with your family and friends?

-》Sone craziness is also needed in life. How about making some funny video or insta reel?

-》Have you ever noticed, that expression of your negative feelings can reduce our stress levels!Well if you are not good at expression, you can write it down in your personal journal!

-》Books are humans best friends! How about reading a book with a cup of hot coffee or tea?

Like everyone, I was so worried in early lock down days and then I have come up with these ideas and it worked magically. Even sometime I used to think, once everything will be normal, (the new normal) we all will get so busy on everything that we will miss these days.So, live each second of these moments. Don’t let it go just like that! Follow and like my blogs for more ideas like this! See ya soon!🧡 So also share, what you all do in you metime?

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  1. Bijayalakshmi(Ruby) says:

    Loved your blog. Very nice keep it up. 😍🙂

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