From a destination, to a tradition!

Have you ever felt passionate about one destination? Probably, there will be infinitude number of such destination, but it’s not possible to go there so often because of different factors like finance, geographical location etc etc…But still there are few places you can make it!

For us, Goa(India) is that destination. This is the one place we visit every year, which becomes a tradition for us now. Few of the reasons are like where else we can have a glass of chilled beer along with the breakfast, where else you feel like to take a sunbath , where else you don’t care about sun burn (tan), where else you don’t have to care about your outfit, where else you can sit on sea shore till 3A.M, where else you can do beach bathing after being drunk, where else you can enjoy reading a novel in a peace full sea shore…etc.

What other think we do is just nothing, which means everything to us!Basically, everyday we decide to go to one beach and stick to any decent shack till evening. Around 4 o clock we take beach bath and have some hot tea for refreshment and come back to room. Then we take rest and get ready to explore club street of Goa (named by me 😀). We go their especially on my demand, for exploring great dance floors and enjoy the night life and that Goan vibes ( We call it, good vibes )

My favorite places in Goa are Curlies Beach Shack (Anjuna Beach), Britto’s (Baga beach), St. Anthony’s (Baga beach). Curlies is famous for ambiance, Britto’s is famous for fingerlicking good food, st. Anthony is famous for Karaoke!. Goa is famous for different foods, but my favorite is sea food platt and goan special non-veg thali.

Now, my question is, Do you like planned trip or unplanned?

My good memories are hidden in each and every corner of Goa. Whenever in my late 60 , if I ever visit that place, I can utter, Ah’, those good old days……….those good old me and those good old us. 😍😍 . Follow me for more such experiential stories, travel ideas, food recommendations, lifestyle tips and much more ! See yaa soon!

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  1. You have a very nice blog with quite open views and an intent to be happy and share happiness with like-minded people!I like your philosophy and I endorse it! If you find time pl visit my travelogues and follow if aany worth😁Have a nive time!

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    1. Pl read nice in place of nive !

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    2. Thank you Sir. It seems you too like traveling a lot!. I will definitely go through your blogs. It seems quite interesting.

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      1. Thanks Saswati for your encouragement! Yes I am a travel enthusiast! Thanks for the follow 🌷


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